OCTUVRE is possible because 2.418 people have thought it was worth contributing a small amount of money to stand up to the machinery of the lie financed by the banking. If you join, we can move on.
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Why does OCTUVRE exist?
It is not an opinion. It is an objective reality: the mass media are controlled with an iron hand by economic power. Six large global corporations control 70% of the media business. In Spain the situation is brutal: Mediaset and Atresmedia account for 58% of the entire TV share. Grupo Prisa, COPE, Planeta and Grupo Godó have 80% of the radio share. In a few offices it is decided what we read, what we look at and what we listen to. And the most serious thing: they are the same offices from which inequality and injustice that millions of people suffer are made. BBVA, La Caixa, Banco Santander, BlackRock, AmberCapital and IBEX companies control newspapers, radios and televisions which explain that the inequality they create every day is the best of all possible worlds. The panorama is bleak. But we are not shuttered. We are absolutely convinced that it is necessary to stand up. And we are absolutely convinced that we can win many battles. The adversary is strong. But is a giant with a feet of clay. According to a Reuters study, the Spanish media are the least credible in Europe and only 34% of the population trust them. Its dominant position is huge, but not impregnable. An example: in 2007 the newspaper El País sold 435,000 copies every day. Ten years later it does not reach 180,000. Another example: 80% of those under 25 do not watch TV or listen to the radio. The adversary is strong. Ourselves, organized, can be stronger. That is why OCTUVRE exists.
Why do we call ourselves OCTUVRE?
The world is only one but each of us looks at it from our own realities. The world is only one but to appreciate its immense wealth it is necessary to look at it from all angles. In OCTUVRE we look at the world from Catalonia. We look at the world from a corner of the world where on October 2017 millions of people laid on the table one of the great questions that runs through every corner of the world: who rules here? A corner of the world where, one morning on October 2017, millions of people left home to express themselves, despite prohibitions, threats, manipulation and other violence. Neither prohibitions, threats, manipulation or any other violence could prevent it. Some voted yes. Some voted no. Some others abstained. But all the forces which have ruled and want to continue ruling were not able to stop anyone. That was in October. And it was a victory. The Victory of the people who, from their absolute disparity, know how to get together and say: we rule here. October was a great victory. That is why we call ourselves OCTUVRE.
Which are the goals of OCTUVRE?
One of the main objectives of the inequality system we live in is to go unnoticed and be seen as an immutable fact, as a universal law, as an incontestable natural phenomenon. In OCTUVRE we know that it is not so. That is why one of our main goals is to explain the mechanisms that make up a reality that can be changed and that urgently needs to be changed. We do not accept as immutable a world where Julian Assange is imprisoned for spreading war crimes while Aznar, Bush and Blair – responsible for these crimes – are calmly at home. We do not accept as inevitable that profits of capital are above the lives of millions of people. We do not accept as a universal law that men and women do not enjoy equal rights. We do not accept as a meteorological phenomenon that millions of people suffer and die at the feet of global injustice walls. We do not accept the lies that those responsible for all this calamity want to make us swallow. In OCTUVRE we are absolutely convinced that the reality presented to us as immutable can be fought with information. That is why we work to explain the hidden mechanisms, to monitor and denounce, to strengthen the network of people and projects which share objectives that, like us, do not accept the reality made in offices of a few. In OCTUVRE we are absolutely convinced that writing, making videos, making posts, likes and sharing information is useful. Absolutely convinced.
Who makes OCTUVRE?
OCTUVRE exists because 2.418 people believed that standing up was essential and that, therefore, they decided to provide the necessary financial resources to make it possible. 1.879 people who know that, as Rodolfo Walsh said, journalism is free or is a farce. People who know that media which depends on those who rules’ money cannot be journalism. Media that depends on IBEX money cannot fight IBEX. If you like what we do it is because 2.418 people have made it possible. Either us together finance jornalism or the banking does. OCTUVRE is also possible thanks to a network of journalists, photographers, programmers, audiovisual producers, translators and social media experts who contribute with their knowledge, will and time to accomplish the goals we have set. A network in constant evolution and growth. OCTUVRE, as we have seen, is a network, a collective, a federation of diverse skills, open, mutant and always evolving. You will find their names in the pieces we produce. But this mutability cannot be an excuse to do what the IBEX media do: do not take responsibilities. OCTUVRE is a project of the Associació Cafèambllet, founded in 2014 by Marta Sibina Camps and Albano Dante Fachín.
How does OCTUVRE get funded?
OCTUVRE’s promoters have started under a premise: if OCTUVRE cannot run with people’s contributions, it will be better to shut down OCTUVRE. Behind this premise, there is the conviction that OCTUVRE is not “media” but a tool of collective organization. If OCTUVRE has to find other ways to exist it would no longer be OCTUVRE. As we said before, the necessary funding to start OCTUVRE has been provided by 2.418 people. This allows us to get going, but to do everything we want to do, we need more people to join. That is why we ask you, if you can, to collaborate financially with OCTUVRE. If you join OCTUVRE we will be very grateful for the trust and we will work to live up to this trust. But if for any reason our proposal does not convince you, we ask you to keep looking. Today, while Florentino Pérez, Endesa and the banking invest large amounts of money to impose their vision of the world, many journalists are working to break the wall of the lie industry. Do not leave them alone. Help them, get involved. There is nothing that scares them more than organized people. Let’s stand up.
How can I collaborate with OCTUVRE?
As we have explained in the previous point, resources contributions made by people are essential for OCTUVRE to exist. Beyond that, we also need all the hands, eyes and abilities that you want to put at the service of this project.

Conditions: By making a donation you accept the conditions of use of your data.

If you have any questions about how to make a donation,
you can email us at
or a WhatsApp at (0034) 686 99 11 37