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Andreu Mas-Colell: What is happening in the Spanish Court of Auditors?


> “Let’s get them” call – a football song “a por ellos” that was used by masses greeting farewell to the volunteer antiriot police that came to Catalonia to repress the referendum. Some police units even filmed themselves singing it on their way to Catalonia and posted those images in social media.

> 1-O – Unilateral self-determination referendum in all Catalonia organised by the Catalan government lead then by Carles Puigdemont. Spain tried to stop it over the Constitutional Court and extreme police violence by 75% of the riot police of Spain brought with that aim to Catalonia. The police violence images went around the world and uncovered the serious democratic deficits of the ruling class in Spain.

> 9-N – First attempt of a self-determination referendum in all Catalonia organised by the Catalan government lead then by Artur Mas. Days before the referendum the Constitutional Court forbade it and afterwards persecuted Mas and other members of his cabinet to pay million euros fees for it.
> Caja B – Dirty money account of the Spanish Popular Party for illegal party funding purposes.

> Carles Puigdemont – President of Catalonia who organised the self-determination referendum of 1 October 2017 in Catalonia. He is living now in exile in Belgium.

> Falange – Fascist party of Spain that ruled during the Franco dictatorship. Still legal nowadays.

> Felipe de Borbón – current King of Spain. The 3 October 2017, just after the general strike in Catalonia in protest for the police violence during the referendum, he made a tv-speech in which he abandoned his mediation role and took parts in the political conflict, which was understood by Spanish nationalists as a call to repress violently the Catalan independentism movement.

> Grand Tibidabo – Another illegal party funding case that affected the former Catalan party Convergència i Unió and his head Jordi Pujol, among others.

> Jordi Évole – a Spanish journalist of the mass media company La Sexta, belonging to the A3-Media corporation.
> Luís Bárcenas – former treasurer of the Popular Party who kept illegal accounts of dirty money from bribes and corruption, which was used to enrich the party’s top officials like Mariano Rajoy and his cabinet among others. He is currently in prison.

> – an independent investigative press project of a group of activist journalists that concentrate on denouncing corruption and social injustices in Spain.

> Oriol Junqueras – Vice-president of Catalonia, belonging to the cabinet of Carles Puigdemont. Currently in prison, condemned to 13 years prison for organising de referendum.

> PP – Partido Popular, right-wing party founded by a former minister of Franco. His rows are full of Francoist family members. The center-right party Ciudadanos and the far-right party Vox are actually two splits of some of its members. It has been implied in big illegal funding scandals.

> procés – Process of independence of Catalonia, started officially in 2010 with the sentence of the Constitutional Court that aborted the new Autonomy Statute for Catalonia, preventing de facto the federalisation and real decentralisation of Spain.

> PSOE – Partido Socialista Obrero Español. Center-left-wing party that belongs to the European Social democracy parties but is the most conservative one among them. It has been implied in big illegal funding scandals in different regions of Spain and was implied in state terrorism in the fight against the Basque terrorist organisation ETA over the State sewage in the 1980’s.

> State sewage – an informal name given to the Spanish deep state.
UCD – Unión de Centro Democràtico, extinguished former moderate right-wing party that posed the first democratic elected president after Franco’s death, Adolfo Suárez. It disappeared in the mid 1980’s.

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